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Roller banners

Roller banners are an excellent media for product launches and exhibitions. We stock a wide range of banner stands.

Roller banner prices including high quality printed graphic!

We print our roller banners on 240 micron matt light block film (laminated with scratch resistant crystal overlaminate) except Budget roller banners which are printed on 440gsm no curl light block PVC (no lamination). Order larger quantities to get great discounts or start trade cooperation getting trade prices for banner stands.

Roller Banner Stand:
800mm x 2000mm

£39 each on Qty 5+

Roller Banner Stand:
800mm x 2000mm

£75  £69+VAT
£48 each on Qty 11+

Deluxe Roller Banner
(flat base)
800mm x 2000mm

£90 each on Qty 7

Double Sided
Banner Stand:
800mm x 2m (2x)

£125 each on Qty 4

Budget Cheap Roller Banner - Banner stand
Standard Roller Banner - Banner stand
Flat Base Deluxe roller banner - Banner Stand
Double Sided Roller Banner - Banner Stand

Order more banners and get Great Discounts! Start trade cooperation! Contact us NOW!

1200mm wide and Giant 1500mm and 2m wide Roller Banners

New on the market large roller banners are very practical and economical solution for exhibitions and product presentations. In many cases these 1.5m wide or 2m wide roller banners can replace standard 3x3 Pop Up exhibition stands. Giant 2m by 2m roller banners can help you start your trade show almost instantly.

Banner Stand:
1200mm x 2000mm


Large 1.5m Wide Banner Stand: 1500mm x 2000mm

Giant 2m Wide Deluxe Banner Stand: 2000mm x 2000mm

1200mm wide roller banner
1500mm wide roller banner big
2000mm wide deluxe roller banner

We are much cheaper for roller banners than most of other companies and maybe even the cheapest on the market (we couldn't find a better offer on the internet for roller banners). Many companies for similar price can offer only cheap alternative like heavy PVC banner material. All our roller banners are printed and produced using ONLY high quality materials. We print our roller banners on 240 micron matt light block film (laminated with scratch resistant crystal overlaminate) which is proper standard display material. NO CHEAP COMPROMISE, STILL AMAZING PRICE! Our prices are so competitive because we actually print and produce them in house, not just sell them. Order larger quantities to get great discounts or start trade cooperation getting trade prices for banner stands, see quantity discount prices below.

Quantity Discounts on our selected Roller Banner Stands

Budget Roller Banners

800mm x 2000mm, 2.5kg inc. graphic
(graphic visible area)

Budget Roll up Banner
quantity prices excl. vat
1-4 £49 each
5+ £39 each

To order budget roller banners or ask any question please contact us NOW!

Standard Banner Stands

800mm x 2000mm, 2.5kg inc. graphic
(graphic visible area)

Standard Roll up Banner
quantity prices excl. vat
1-3 £69 each
4-6 £59 each
7-10 £52 each
11 + £48 each

To order roller banners (banner stands) or ask for further discounts contact us NOW!

Flat Base Deluxe (flat base banner stand)

800mm x 2000mm, 5.5kg inc. graphic
(graphic visible area)

Barracuda banner stand - roller banner
quantity prices excl. vat
1-3 £115 each
4-6 £104 each
7-10 £90 each
11 + £83 each

To order banner stands (roller banners) or ask for further discounts contact us NOW!

Double Sided Banner Stand

800mm x 2000mm
(graphic visible area)

Double Sided banner stands - roller banner
quantity prices excl. vat
1-3 £150 each
4-6 £125 each
7-10 £108 each
11 + £100 each

To order or ask for further discount prices or for trade cooperation contact us NOW!

We can also supply other branded banner stands available on the market

Barracuda Banner Stand

Imagine Banner Stand

Barracuda banner stand - roller banner pull up banner £165+VAT (800mm x 2130mm)
£185+VAT (1000mm x 2130mm)


  • 2130mm max high x 800 or 1000mm wide visible graphic area (add 300mm to allow for rol ler mechanism
  • Available in anodised silver
  • Charcoal grey end caps
  • Internal graphic housing designed to accommodate graphic media up to 450 microns thick
  • Universal Grippa/Self adhesive top rail
  • Secure slide in graphic system
  • Ratchet tensioner
  • Twist & Lock telescopic pole
  • Supplied with quality foam padded carry bag
Imagine Roller Banner - Banner Stand
£195+VAT (800mm x 2130mm)
£205+VAT (1000mm x 2130mm)

Replacement casette including graphic:
£85+VAT (800mm x 2130mm)
£95+VAT (1000mm x 2130mm)


  • 2130 max x 800, 1000mm wide visible graphic area
  • Aluminium Slide in Cassette and pole in Anodised Silver
  • Ratchet tensioning
  • Twist and lock telescopic pole
  • Supplied with quality foam padded carry bag
  • The graphic panels are tough and stay scuff and mark free and keep their shape and colour.
  • 2 year Manufacturer's Guarantee

Artwork specification/requirements

Please download our PDF guide and PDF Template at 100% scale to see how to prepare your artwork.

Artwork needed?

Email us your wording and images and get banner stand design for just £50 + VAT (examples above).

Trade Prices on Banner Stands

We offer excellent trade prices on roller banners for advertising agencies, marketing agencies, graphic designers etc. Contact us now to check how grateful we can be for your cooperation. We cooperate with many advertising, marketing and design companies. Let us know your estimated monthly quantity to see how low we can go with our prices. You don't have to be a 'big player'. We are sure we can always find you a deal!

Roller banner stands vs. Pull Up Banners vs. Roll up Banners

There are different names used to describe the same display product. They are called: Pull Up Banners, Roll up Banners or even Pop up banners, however this name may be confusing and refer to pop up displays. Whatever you prefer to call it - Roller banner is a perfect way to advertise your brand at the lowest budget and that is what makes roller banners one of the most preferred options for business of all sizes. You can make use of roller banners for product launches, trade shows, exhibitions and for your ongoing advertising needs. Today with the latest printing technology Carrick Signs creates brilliant range of roller banners suitable for all your promotional needs. We take pride in being the most competitively priced roller banners suppliers in the UK.

Budget roller banners

Are you in search of a suitable display solution for your brand at points of sale? Try Carrick Signs roller banners. Our roller banners start from as low as £48. Check out our prices and you will be surprised to find your roller banners at amazingly low prices unmatched in the industry. You can advertise your brands in the most effective manner at the lowest budgets using our roller banners. You just need to compare the prices for roller banners in the UK and you will know the difference and why businesses prefer Carrick Signs for their needs on roller banners. You cannot possibly find premium quality roller banners that we offer at such low prices elsewhere. All our roller banners are printed on 240 micron matt light blog film which comes with scratch resistant crystal over-laminate suitable for displays. What most companies offer is some poor quality roller banners with limited life. When you invest your money on Carrick Signs roller banners, you can be sure of getting excellent value for money because all our roller banners made to last for a lifetime. This is one of the reasons for our fastest growth in this industry. We do not compromise on the quality of the roller banners just to keep the prices low.

Banner Stands Printed in-house

Carrick Signs designs and prints all the roller banners in-house and this makes it possible for us to deliver premium quality roller banners at heavily discounted prices. Carrick Signs understands very clearly that no one likes to spend more than what is required on their roller banners and that is why we help you cutback on your costs by delivering your roller banners at the lowest prices possible.

Whether you are looking for a small budget roller banner 800mm wide or a massive 2m x 2m roller banner, we have just the right size for your requirements. You need not have to worry in terms of the size because we produce roll up banners in all standard sizes. You just need to name your needs and we have the perfect sizes for your roller banners. Ordering your roller banners at Carrick Signs makes the entire process easy as you can order all your roller banners in one place. This reduces the need for visiting numerous companies and numerous websites.

If you want to make no mistakes with the choice of your roller banners, then just choose Carrick Signs and you would have made the perfect decision. We take pride in being the most trusted brand in the UK for all types of roller banners. We have earned our reputation by consistently delivering excellent quality roller banners to our customers. With our roller banners you will be able to project a very professional image.

One of the major advantages of using roller banners is its portability. You can carry around your roller banners anywhere you like. Our roller banners come in neat light weight casing and quality foam padded carry bag. It will just take few seconds to install your roller banner. All that you need is a flat surface to place your roller banner.

You can also order double side printing if required at a nominal price. Roller banners with double side printing increases visibility. You get the benefit of two roller banners at the price of one by ordering double side printing.

Though Carrick Signs already sells all the products at the lowest prices you will be able to still reduce your costs by ordering all your roller banners at once to avail volume discounts. Just check out our prices below and you will know how much you can save by increasing the number of roller banners you order at Carrick Signs.

When you are attending a trade show or a promotional event the last thing you would want is problems with your roller banners. As we use high quality materials in our roller banners you can be 100% sure that your roller banner will work exactly the way it should every time you use them.

Our roller banners come in number of contemporary designs, both elegant and functionally effective. As all our roller banners are made of durable light weight material, they are easy to be carried around. With our roller banners you can put up an instant stall wherever you like and whenever you like. Strong vinyl banners are meant to serve you long. You will be able to use our roller banners for several years because not only we use excellent quality vinyl banners but we also provide you with the best quality printing which does not fade. Your roller banners will look new for ever.

In case you need the artwork done for your banners do feel free to contact us. Our experts are standing by to assist you. You can get your banner stand designs at a very nominal fee.

Roller banners are excellent for small and medium sized businesses that are keen on finding the best advertising solutions at the lowest prices. You cannot find a cheaper and more effective advertising solution for your product launches, exhibitions and tradeshow needs. Contact Carrick Signs today with all your needs on roller banners and we will provide you with premium roller banner solutions at the most economical rates. All that it takes is a single phone call or an email. We will promptly get back to you and assist you with the ordering process. Call us today and discuss your needs on roller banners with confidence.

Affordable marketing banners

Out of all the other marketing techniques, Roller Banners are widely used by most of companies due to its simplicity and portable nature. Also called pull up banners or roll up banners, they can get your message across and let you stand out of the crowd. All that thanks to rolling mechanism inside small, light casette that can be carried easily and rolled up at trade shows, promotions, exhibitions, new product launches etc.
They are the most cost effective promotional display tools that are preferred by many companies. Also great for retailers and restaurants where people walk by frequently. Pull up banners will quickly attract pedestrians especially if professionally designed with catchy graphics exposing best features of your product.

Pop up banners, Banner stands, tradeshow banner stands, Exhibition banners

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