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Correx® Cone

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Our correx® cones are available in full colour as standard. We offer coronavirus (COVID-19) ready artwork in green, blue, red, yellow or black to make it easy to order essential safety signage. The 3-sided printed cone is made from 4mm correx® and is 500mm tall with an open base. The cone is easy to assemble, just remove the double-sided sticky tape cover from the tab and tuck the tab under the opposite edge. Ensure the adhesive is making good contact by firmly pushing the tab into join. 

Stop the Spread

One key piece of advice to preventing the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) is to wash your hands frequently. Businesses can help minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus and better protect their customers and employees by setting up hygiene stations throughout their premises. Printed correx® cones will pull attention towards these hygiene stations, ensuring more people are safer and helping to flatten the curve.

One-Way Systems

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, more guidelines and systems are being implemented to help combat its spread. One of the latest practices is to introduce a one-way system throughout the business premises. This helps keep people moving evenly and reduces the chances of infection through close contact. An effective way to temporarily close off aisles and introduce a one-way system is by utilising printed correx® cones.

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