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One-way Vision Window Graphics


  • Printed one-way vision window graphic for shop windows and vehicle windows
  • One way see-through window sticker printable from outside and providing privacy for the inside
  • Perfect window graphic solution for offices, vans, shops and large high street stores
  • Make the most of your large window space for advertising without compromising visibility from the inside


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Printed self-adhesive one-way vision window graphics, also referred to as a one way vision sticker. Are the perfect solution for allowing your printed advertising graphic to be visible from the outside, but still allow you to see out from the inside. Most commonly one-way vision graphics would be applied on the windows of public transport, which use the window space for effective advertising, also commonly used by high-street retail stores for large window displays.

What is one way vision and how does the graphic work?

One-way vision is a perforated vinyl film which has printed graphic areas and un-printed see-through areas covering up to half of the film. The see-through area created by perforation is sufficient for human eye to allow almost normal view. Combined with black colour backing, when looked at from the inside of the window, the film creates almost unobstructed, slightly tinted view effect. This effect allows for you to have a display that obscures the view from the outside in, but will allow you to see outside through the graphic.

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