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Directional Correx Signs for Trail Running Races - Arrows, Pointers

Posted by: CS Team ‐ 5 years ago

Running directional signs

Taking advantage of our correx sale offer for selected board sizes Trailscape Ltd has asked us to produce in total 800 directional correx signs.

Trailscape Ltd is organising a series of trail running races starting in a month. They needed a large number of directional signs for the participants to follow. The signs didn't need to be too large so we agreed A5 size.  Trailscape is planning to attach them to a variety of different locations (lamp posts, fence posts and on stakes in the ground). The initial specification requirement for the signs was that they need to be weatherproof as the organiser is holding the events over winter. This was not a problem as we print direct on boards using UV inks offering both water and light resistance.

We printed in total 800 directional correx signs: 600 directional arrows, 50 warning signs, 150 wrong way signs.

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