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Custom Designed and Cut Selfie Frames Children Disney Photo Frame

Posted by: AlexB ‐ 1 year ago

Custom Designed Selfie Frames

Selfie frames are one sure fire way of capturing some great moments at any party or event. But some parties need something that little extra special, that cherry on top of the cake. Instead of just getting a frame you could find anywhere, we can help you put together something completely unique to you. Whether you are going back to the 80's for a disco night, or celebratiting another victory for your favourite sports team, why not get a selfie frame designed and put together perfect for your event?

Disney Character Children Photo Frame

The attached photo is an example of a Disney Mickey Mouse themed selfie frame. The frame features bespoke design as well as custom cut, making the frame much more atractive, fun and eye-catching.

We offer more than just social media frames, any event you can think of, we can make a frame for it, because sometimes that little extra bit of spice can be what sets your event apart from the rest! Suitable for all ages, people big and small, whether you're celebrating your first birthday or if you're walking down the isle. Printed on sturdy foamex boards, with full colour print and completly custom cutting readily available, just let us know about your event, and we'll be happy to help you create something amazing.

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