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AlumiGrip Vinyl


  • Limited Stock Available
  • R12 Slip resistant, outdoor floor vinyl
  • Full slip resistance even when submerged
  • Easy to apply, no heat required!
  • Fast dispatch - same day if ordered before 2pm


Can I have a Bespoke Design?

Due to the limited nature of these floor vinyls, only the two designs presented are available however these specific designs can be used to cover a large variety of situations and environments.

Can I have a Bespoke Size?

The floor vinyls being sold are available at 200mm for the footprint and the arrow vinyls, whilst the arrows additionally come in a smaller 120mm measurement.

How are these different to the regular Floor Vinyl we sell?

These stickers are a more premium version of our original R10 floor vinyls, with the higher anti slip rating of R12, in comparison. The R12 is more suitable for environments in which there is likely to be liquid coming in contact with the stickers therefore, a unique use case is for in swimming pools or other largely damp environments without issue. Another great benefit of the R12 vinyl is the reflectivity, allowing it to be used in places such as a school carpark. In addition to the variety of surfaces one can apply R10 vinyl, the R12 can also be applied to untreated stone and low pile carpets, as well as the application being a straightforward process with no heat requirement, only a passing moment and some pressure.

Are they Laminated?

Traditionally, a non-slip laminate is applied on top of a standard vinyl to give it non-slip properties, however our floor vinyl is manufactured with a textured, non-slip finish. Due to this texture, the product is much more performant in harsh weather conditions.

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Our eco-friendly AlumiGrip floor vinyl stickers provide a distinct and highly durable option, centred around use in high traffic areas and in all weather types. The application process is very simple and intuitive, peel the cover to reveal the aluminium backing, then apply the stickers onto the desired area, without the need for any heat based application. The aluminium base of the product means our fully recyclable floor vinyl is very environmentally friendly, with no hazardous materials being present in the product. It should be noted that the stickers are limited in availability and only in the displayed colour scheme. 

Stop the Spread

Many of the businesses that have now fully resumed post-lockdown will have found a working environment with much stricter restrictions. In order to abide by these new rules, the products offered here can greatly contribute to keeping businesses open, running smoothly and under coronavirus (COVID-19) regulations. The directional arrow floor vinyls could be used to create a one-way system in order to reduce people passing each other in close proximity, helping to decrease transmission of the virus. 

Our long-lasting floor vinyl can be used for long periods of time to great effect, whilst also being very safe in various weather conditions due to their adherence to Health and Safety standards i.e. designed to be anti-slip even if fully submerged in water.

Not Slippery When Wet

A massive advantage of the R12 stickers is their ability to be used in situations in which they could be getting hit by a lot of water. Swimming pools, for example, should make use of arrow markers to indicate the flow of movement through the changing rooms and the pool. Whereas feet could be used to designate entry and exit points into the pool itself. 

Little Shop of Social Distancing

With the Christmas Season coming up, a great case use is in garden centres as paths are generally quite wet due to the need to keep the plants well-hydrated, however as there is a requirement for businesses to enforce social distancing regulations, the floor markers need to be a high enough anti-slip (R) rating, so as to not introduce health and safety issues. Furthermore the simplest use of our floor vinyl could be to enforce the metre plus requirement between people queuing for slides in a pool for example.

Rendezvous Without Residue

Similarly, an outdoor market that requires quick setup and clean up without leaving a trace, would make a perfect application for this product as typically no residue remains post-removal, which also factors into the environmentally friendly aspect as in most cases there is no damage to the surrounding location.


AlumiGrip VinylPricing Table
Size Quantity Price each
120mm Circle (120mm x 120mm) 4+ £2.85 + VAT
200mm Circle (200mm x 200mm) 3+ £4.25 + VAT
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