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Mesh Outdoor Banners


  • Printed on 270gsm perforated banner material with high wind resistance
  • Full colour, digitally printed Mesh PVC banners
  • All banners are Hemmed and Eyeletted as standard unless requested otherwise
  • Perfect for promoting your business or any public event
  • All our banners are Waterproof and weatherproof (suitable for indoor and outdoor use)


What's the largest size banner I can print?

The Banner Rolls we stock are 3.2m in width, which leaves us with around 3.1m of printable width. This means that one of the maximum out of the 2 dimensions would need to fit to 3.1m, however the over length can be as long as 50m without any issues.

What is hemming and eyeletting?

A hem on a PVC Banner is simply where the edges on the material are folded over itself and stitched together, leaving you with a smooth looking finish. Eyelets are small brass rings that are punched through the banner material, similar to a big hole punch. These help you put your banner up for display with cable ties or screws. If you have any specific requirements in terms of the hem and eyeletting of your banner, just let us know.

What is the difference between the normal PVC and the Mesh banners?

The standard PVC banners are a solid material, whereas the mesh banners are made up with lots of small holes, which means if viewed at a distance it will appear slightly transparent. The other advantage of the Mesh is that it is a lot more wind resistant as they are designed for the wind to pass through.

What weight is the material?

Our PVC and Mesh banner material is 450gsm, we use a special cross weaved material to help prevent the banner from tearing.

Is it more expensive to print multiple colours?

No, we digitally print all of our products in full colour using UV resistant inks as standard. So you won't see any increases in price if you have a lot of colour in your artwork.

How do I submit my artwork files?

Simply attach your artwork via our upload option when placing your order, our uploader will accept Jpeg, Tiff, PNG, PDF and ZIP files up to 50mb. It is recommended to ensure artwork files are optimised to retain a reasonable file size.

You can also simply use our email address (at the top of the website) and attach your files. If you have any problems with sending large files give us a call or use file sharing services like If you are using WeTransfer or similar, we highly recommend sending an email alongside this, as we do not pick up orders from WeTransfer emails. 

What are requirements for artwork files?

Preferable file format is PDF or high-quality JPG. If you are supplying artwork ready to print, please make sure the design files meet all general standard printing requirements like:

  • Files must be to scale (100% size) or at least in proportion (half size, quarter size etc.)
  • CMYK colour mode (no RGB or Pantone colours as it can cause problems)
  • All text must be converted to curves/outlined or at least embedded inside supplied pdf
  • There is no need for extra bleeds and crop marks for simple rectangular signs
  • Please include cut path for cut out boards indicating expected board shape OR simply describe where it should be, and we will draw the shape for you in most cases free of charge.

In case you require and design work or are uncertain about the files you have please just attach your files with description in your message. We will help and advice. If there would be any extra charge involved, we will let you know before proceeding with any changes.

Am I able to collect from you directly rather than arrange delivery?

We are located in a town called Whitefield just outside of Manchester City Center, if you happen to be local, or are just passing by, you're more than welcome to collect your order from us directly. If this would be preferred just let us know when sending over your order.

Do you print double sided banners?

Yes we do, you can find specific pricing and details here (Link Pending)

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Mesh Banners are the perfect alternative when you need a lighter weight Banner and/or a Banner that allows wind to pass through it. 

Unlike popular solid PVC banners, mesh banners are printed on a perforated banner material. The perforation of the banner allows wind to pass through the material with ease making mesh banners the ideal choice for locations with high wind resistance. As the Banner material is only 270gsm in weight, this makes the banner material approximately half the weight of normal PVC. Mesh Banners will also appear slightly transparent, this gives them a unique finish if you are looking to advertise but without completely obscuring the view.

Our high quality 270gsm Mesh Banner will be digitally printed, full colour to your specifications. We will always hem & eyelet your Banner with a 50mm hem unless otherwise specified at the point of order.

Mesh Banner is a great solution for scaffolding to discreetly cover the eyesore that comes with construction. Providing a massive surface area for printed advertising. Because of the open weave nature of Mesh Banner it still allows light to pass through and also wind, making it the perfect solution for scaffolding, coastal areas and also festival Banners

PVC banners are also commonly known as outdoor or vinyl banners. Outside of board printing, PVC banners are the most popular and cost-effective means of large displays. They are versatile, waterproof, accessible and offer high quality print which makes them an ideal means of large format display, available as a solid PVC or Mesh. Banners are an effective means of advertising or showcasing an event, commonly used for building hoardings and even perfect for personal use.

Digitally Printed Mesh Banner

We print all our mesh banners digitally in full colour at no additional cost. There is no setup fee for our banner printing and no minimum quantity* to meet you can run one off banners at cheap prices. We will print with UV-cured inks to ensure extra resilience to sunlight, so you have a product that looks like new regardless of the weather. 

*If item cost falls below minimum order charge you will be charged at the minimum order charge for the product.


Mesh Outdoor BannersPricing Table
Size Quantity Price each
6ft x 2ft (1829mm x 610mm) 1 - 5 £29.55 + VAT
6 - 28 £24.55 + VAT
29 - 40 £20.60 + VAT
41+ £17.85 + VAT
6ft x 4ft (1829mm x 1219mm) 1 - 2 £59.10 + VAT
3 - 14 £49.05 + VAT
15 - 20 £41.25 + VAT
21+ £35.65 + VAT
8ft x 2ft (2438mm x 610mm) 1 - 4 £39.40 + VAT
5 - 21 £32.70 + VAT
22 - 30 £27.50 + VAT
31+ £23.80 + VAT
8ft x 4ft (2438mm x 1219mm) 1 - 2 £78.80 + VAT
3 - 10 £65.40 + VAT
11 - 15 £55.00 + VAT
16+ £47.55 + VAT
2m x 1m (2000mm x 1000mm) 1 - 3 £53.00 + VAT
4 - 15 £44.00 + VAT
16 - 22 £37.00 + VAT
23+ £32.00 + VAT
3m x 1m (3000mm x 1000mm) 1 - 2 £79.50 + VAT
3 - 10 £66.00 + VAT
11 - 14 £55.50 + VAT
15+ £48.00 + VAT
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