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Estate Agent Boards

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Estate Agent Boards

All of our property boards are digitally printed directly onto Correx® which allows us to print high quality artwork full colour quickly and efficiently. We produce 'T style' and 'flag style' estate agent boards, T-boards are printed on two seperate sheets of 4mm Correx®, mounted together to allow for fitting in the middle of a pole. Whereas 'flag boards' are printed double sided on a single sheet of 6mm Correx® to allow for fitting on the side of a pole.

As we are a general large format printing company we are also able to produce any other kind of property boards and commercial signage on flat Correx® signs up to 10x5ft in size. We also have the ability to custom cut Correx® to any custom shape, so if you're looking to produce an estate agency board that will stand out against the standard, that's something we can help you with.

Estate Agent Slips

If you're looking for property boards, you might also need some slips as well. Like our boards, we produce and print slips directly onto 4mm Correx® so you won't see a difference in quality, and can also be cut to your size requirements (up to a quarter of the boards total height).

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