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  • Correx® (Corrugated plastic) placards with wooden sticks
  • Printed single sided or double sided placards
  • Ideal for street protests, pickets, trade union strikes or general street advertising
  • Custom shape cutting available
  • Delivered assembled and ready to use
  • Choice of short or long sticks available


Do the placards come with sticks attached? Or do I need to attach the board myself?

We print and assemble all placards in house, meaning that when they arrive with you they are ready to use with no messing around.

If I order double sided placards, won't one side be obscured by the wooden stick?

No, we produce our double sided placards with two separate boards attached to either side of one wooden stick, meaning no part of your artwork will be covered up.

Can I order a blank placard?

Yes, if you just need a placard setting up and have your own artwork already sorted by another means, just let us know and we can arrange to send you an assembled placard without any print.

What thickness Correx® do you supply?

We print on 4mm Correx® as standard, but we do also stock and print 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Correx®

What is the maximum size that you can print in one piece?

The maximum sizes that we can print in one piece are 8 x 4ft sheets and 10 x 5ft sheets, dependent on the thickness you choose, either or both sizes may be available. 

What are Correx® boards made of?

Correx® boards are made of strong corrugated plastic material, which is also known as polypropylene fluted board.

Can Correx® signage boards be cut to custom shapes?

Yes, 4mm and 6mm Correx® signage boards can be cut to custom shapes. There is some limit to how intricate the shapes can be - so you would be best to send over an example of the shape you wish to cut when asking for a quote. Correx above 6mm is generally not suitable to custom shape cutting, we have other materials that may be suitable to your needs if you’re looking for a thicker board, like foamcore and Foamex. 

Does Correx® signage suit dual-purpose (outdoor and indoor) needs?

Yes, you can make use of Correx® signage for both indoor and outdoor use.

What is Correx®?

Correx® is actually a brand name for a specific type of corrugated plastic, also known as polypropylene fluted board. The material is most widely used for estate agent signs and quick, durable outdoor signage like scaffolding signage or race signage.

Are Correx® boards suitable for outdoor and indoor use?

Yes. It's usually used for outdoor use but can also be used inside.

Is it more expensive to print multiple colours?

No, we digitally print all of our products in full colour using UV resistant inks as standard. So you won't see any increases in price if you have a lot of colour in your artwork.

How do I submit my artwork files?

Simply attach your artwork via our upload option when placing your order, our uploader will accept Jpeg, Tiff, PNG, PDF and ZIP files up to 50mb. It is recommended to ensure artwork files are optimised to retain a reasonable file size.

You can also simply use our email address (at the top of the website) and attach your files. If you have any problems with sending large files give us a call or use file sharing services like If you are using WeTransfer or similar, we highly recommend sending an email alongside this, as we do not pick up orders from WeTransfer emails. 

What are requirements for artwork files?

Preferable file format is PDF or high-quality JPG. If you are supplying artwork ready to print, please make sure the design files meet all general standard printing requirements like:

  • Files must be to scale (100% size) or at least in proportion (half size, quarter size etc.)
  • CMYK colour mode (no RGB or Pantone colours as it can cause problems)
  • All text must be converted to curves/outlined or at least embedded inside supplied pdf
  • There is no need for extra bleeds and crop marks for simple rectangular signs
  • Please include cut path for cut out boards indicating expected board shape OR simply describe where it should be, and we will draw the shape for you in most cases free of charge.

In case you require and design work or are uncertain about the files you have please just attach your files with description in your message. We will help and advice. If there would be any extra charge involved, we will let you know before proceeding with any changes.

Am I able to collect from you directly rather than arrange delivery?

We are located in a town called Whitefield just outside of Manchester City Center, if you happen to be local, or are just passing by, you're more than welcome to collect your order from us directly. If this would be preferred just let us know when sending over your order.

Can I have my placard cut into custom shapes?

Yes, if you would like your placard cutting into any specific shapes (such as a lollipop style) just let us know your specific requirements. Note prices will vary for custom cut boards.

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We print and produce placards attached with wooden sticks ready to use. Placards are the go to choice for protest marches or local street advertising (for example arrows pointing to your shop or business) or any kind of ‘walking street signage’.

Our placard boards as standard are made of 4mm corrugated plastic boards (Correx®). Correx® boards are lightweight, strong and cheap at the same time, making it the ideal material for the production of placards.

Placards can be produced single or double sided, double sided placards are produced with two separate boards attached on either side of one wooden stick. We also offer two lengths of the sticks depending on your preference. Shorter placard sticks are better for holding the sign in the air while walking, longer sticks are long enough to rest them on the ground. The latter may be a more comfortable option when there is not much need for carrying the placard and therefore a more preferable option for street advertising and standing protests. You can also lean on the stick while walking for better comfort.

Protest Placard Boards Printing

Some of most common uses of placard boards are all kinds of pickets, demonstrations, protests and strike actions organised by workers or labour unions (trade unions). Being very lightweight, Correx® demonstration placards are ideal for marching longer distances and, as mentioned above, you can have two different lengths of the sticks to suit your requirements. Also, our picketing boards/posters can be tailor-made in case you have any special requirements regarding size or shape.

You Specify the Design and Size

We print full colour directly on Correx® boards with UV long lasting inks. This means there is no extra charge for more colours and you can even have photographs printed for the same price.

If you need a different shape of the board, we are able to produce custom sized boards. Our routing machines can cut signs to any shape so all kinds of shapes like ovals, stars or arrows are possible.


PlacardsPricing Table
Size Quantity Price each
A3 (420mm x 297mm) 3 - 9 £9.75 + VAT
10 - 39 £8.25 + VAT
40 - 99 £7.25 + VAT
100+ £6.25 + VAT
A2 (594mm x 420mm) 2 - 9 £11.00 + VAT
10 - 39 £10.00 + VAT
40 - 99 £8.50 + VAT
100+ £7.50 + VAT
A1 (841mm x 594mm) 2 - 9 £19.50 + VAT
10+ £14.50 + VAT
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