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Deluxe Roller Banner

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Deluxe Roller Banner

With a distinctive wave-shaped design this roller banner cassette fulfils the demands of both function and form. This Roller Banner is designed to give maximum graphic coverage, and such, the graphic is released from a low opening with only a small kickplate between the floor and bottom of the graphic. 

A step up from the standard roller banner, this model is also weighted, but without requirement for fold out feet, which can be seen as a trip hazard in heavy traffic locations. 

Additionally, the deluxe roller banner also comes with a telescopic pole, making it much easier to assemble for those of us with a shorter reach and also allowing a taller graphic is desired (upto 2150mm). Perfect for high end exhibitions and events, or long term re-usability. We will supply your Deluxe Roller Banner at 2000mm high as standard, unless you let us know otherwise.

Gloss black end caps add to the professional feel of this stylish roller banner. This is a robust banner, suitable to but assembled and disassembled regularly on the road from trade shows to exhibitions and more, this design adds extra value where space is at a premium. Comes in a stylish black padded bag with shoulder strap and box if required. 

The deluxe Roller Banner is available in all the industry standard sizes from 800mm - 2m wide.

Pull Up Banner

Looking for a pull up banner? A pull up banner is the same as a Roller Banner, it's just a different name for the same thing. 

What about the graphic?

We print our graphics on third generation HP Latex printers. Your roller banner will be printed to a smooth scrimless 440gsm greyback roller banner material as standard. This material will block any light from behind your graphic and perform well under the spotlight – stopping your image from appearing washed out in bright lighting. 

We also offer other material options for your roller banner, as well as laminating, please get in touch with us if you are looking for a premium graphic.

Premium graphics offer the option of laminating your graphic for added protection, or choosing a deluxe roller banner material, with the same block out qualities but white on both sides and printed using inkjet technology which offers a higher colour gamut, this is probably only something you would need if you are looking for the highest quality photographs to be reproduced in your roller banner.

Wider Roller Banners

We supply our entire range of roller banners at all industry sizes between 800mm and 2m, if you are looking for something even wider, check out our super wide Roller banner here.

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