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Pop Up Systems

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Pop up systems

This highly professional pop-up display system with options for single or double sided, as well as curved or straight systems combines a robust design and stylish black aluminium frame with outstanding performance. The Contester Pop-up system is and ideal choice for trade shows, presentations, open days/evenings and award ceremonies alike.

Arriving in a black hard shell case with wheels for ease of transportation, you will find everything you need for your stand inside. Lift up the lid and to one side you will find the stylish black aluminium frame, which simply lifts out and with a slight pull slides up to the full size of your pop-up display without using any tools. The frame will simply ‘pop up’ and remain in place using self-locating magnetic clips. In the pop-up case you will also find, to the other side, your personal graphics ready for hanging, and some magnetic arms to attach vertically to your frame for rigidity, before taking your graphics and simply hanging them from using floating magnetic studs to ensure precise alignment.

Once you pop-up graphics are located, your final touches can be added, with a deluxe folding wooden top to convert your case into a fully functional podium and leading edge LED lights found inside the lid, to complete your ultra-professional appearance with this impressive system.

As this pop up system is an extremely versatile product, we can supply a size to suit your needs. The most popular size is the 3x3, not named by its size as such, it refers to the number of quadrants in the frame, each of which is less than 1m squared. The 3x3 pop up stand is 3 quadrants wide, and 3 quadrants tall. Sizes available vary from 3x1 (approx. 1.5m of design coverage) all the way through to 3x5 (approx 4m of design coverage), you can opt for curved or straight pop up depending on the space available to you and the micro-environment you wish to create with the pop-up, and can even apply graphics to the reverse for even more possibilities. 

All of our pop up stands have easily changeable graphic panels, meaning you can use the same display with ever changing artwork, without the need to invest in a new system for changing events, making for a cost effective and professional looking display piece every time. Any template you may require, can be found in the FAQs of this product page.

What you get with a pop up system

With the whole pop up display system kit, you would be provided with:

  • High quality digitally printed custom graphics
  • System framework
  • Magnetic arms
  • LED lights x2
  • A hard covered case with wheels, which also doubles as a podium piece
  • A free graphic wrap (available upon request)

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