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Pop Up Systems

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Pop up systems

The pop up display system is the perfect portable exhibition piece. With Self-locating ‘smart’ magnetic locking arms that attach to an aluminium framework, this pop up system couldn't be easier to put together. 

We supply with halogen lights and a hard wheeled case which also doubles as a podium. Available in a variety of sizes and set ups, for a professional looking display that is ideal to comfortably transport from event to event without the need for devoted stand contractors or set up tools. With a choice of straight or curved structures, and widths ranging from 2.55m to 5m, there is a solution ideal for you.

 All of our pop up stands have easily changeable graphic panels, meaning you can use the same display with ever changing artwork, without the need to invest in a new system, making for a cost effective and professional looking display piece. Any template you may require, can be found in the FAQs of this product page.

What you get with a pop up system

With the whole pop up display system kit, you would be provided with:

  • High quality digitally printed custom graphics
  • System framework
  • Magnetic bars
  • Halogen lights
  • A hard covered case with wheels, which also doubles as a podium piece
  • A free graphic wrap (available upon request)

A variety of sizes available

With a multitude of different sizes on offer it can be a bit daunting selecting the correct one. Each pop up system is made up from a set of panels, with each panel having 3 vertical sections (although you can safely ignore this fact when generating artwork).

The number of panels a system is comprised of dictates the name of the pop up system. Each pop up system always has two panels that wrap the edge of the frame, and the remaining panels give you the size of the pop up system. For example, a 3x3 pop up system is made up of 3 front facing panels and 2 side wrapping panels. A 3x4 pop up system is made up of 4 front facing panels and 2 side wrapping panels.

If you wish to know the footprint of a system (i.e. how wide and high the fully build system is), this information is found in the price table in brackets below the pop up system size. For example, a fully built 3x3 system is 2550mm wide x 2240mm high.

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