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Happy International Women's Day

Support tree planting and international women's day

Today, we're excited to celebrate the achievements of women around the world and the progress that we've made towards gender equality.

We have recently signed up to Treeapp - for every delivery on orders you place with us plants one tree, how amazing is that! We would like to shine a spotlight on the remarkable women that make tree planting efforts possible. Across many of their sites worldwide, women are at the forefront of their efforts.

Take, for example, their planting site in Nepal.

Addressing the gender employment disparity in Nepal's rural areas, poses challenges due to entrenched institutional barriers and societal norms restricting women from being able to have a sustainable income. Their planting site is entirely managed by women, who are trained to manage teams of 50+ planters. Community forest initiatives are also opening up new leadership possibilities for women in the area.

Let's celebrate the strength, resilience, and contributions of women everywhere!  #internationalwomensday #treeapp

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