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Combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) with Carrick

Stay Alert - Save the NHS

At Carrick, we take the threat of coronavirus seriously and are vigilant to keep up to date according to latest government advice. As such, we have employed several measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and to our customers.

First and foremost, we have added hygiene stations throughout the premises. The most prominent advice on combatting the coronavirus is to wash hands as frequently as possible. Every hygiene station is equipped with hand sanitiser gel and staff are encouraged to clean hands when handling goods.

We are limiting contact as much as possible by introducing contactless collection from our premises. This will reduce risk of infection through close proximity; however, we recommend washing your hands upon returning home as per government advice. Trade customers are advised to implement measures to avoid direct contact with products as much as possible.

As the lockdown slowly eases and as demand increases, we will be begin transitioning staff back into the premises. In order to maintain the safety of our staff, the office will be spaced apart to meet social distance guidelines and a one-way system will be implemented throughout the premises.

The above is how we are tackling coronavirus (COVID-19) within Carrick; focusing our attention to the wider community, we are our proud to be able to offer solutions to combat the pandemic.

Printed floor vinyl has seen a surge in the recent weeks as the perfect solution for implementing social distance markers. These have been deployed nationwide to help spread out queues and to introduce one-way shopping routes.

Correx® sneeze guards are an essential and affordable way to shield both customers and employees at any customer facing counter. Our standalone sneeze guards have a cut out at the bottom to allow card machines to be used whilst behind the safety of the shield. The transparent, plastic window is also replaceable, just in case!

Informing your customers of new coronavirus measures is an essential criterion whilst operating amid the pandemic. Use printed window vinyl, roller banners or correx® bollard covers to let customers know about maximum occupancy rules. Correx® cones are an affordable solution to highlight hand washing stations or to temporary close off aisles to implement one-way shopping routes.

Need everything above? We’re also offering all our coronavirus solution products as a bundle, to make it easier to protect your employees and customers.

Carrick wants everyone to stay safe during these uncertain times. We vow to do all we can to deliver the same exceptional level of service you have come to expect whilst ensuring the safety of our members of staff and our customers.

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